Lead yourself first 

_”The best leader is the one who has control over himself and is ever ready to take corrections”_(Egbetola Abass Olamide) 

I welcome you once again to another leadership series. Thanks for the lovely comments, I strongly believe you are maximizing every opportunity around you positively. 
_Today, in our world, many people wake up with great passion and many see themselves in big multinational companies, i.e having their own establishment. They tend to be independent. Yes, this is very good. It isn’t a bad idea to dream big; in fact, you can dream as much as you can but only if you understand that there is a greater price attached to any good story. If you want to write a good story, then you have to give some sacrifice which might hurt you now but will pay you tomorrow_.
A good leader is someone who can lead himself ; leading yourself first has a lot to do with the bigger plans you desire to  achieve. It means you have undergone the necessary training and sacrifice. You cannot lead others if you are not disciplined or committed to the little task you are assigned to at present. Are you the type that procrastinates, gives various excuses or fail to take responsibilities? Then, you cannot lead others. 

A practical example is Daniel.  _*But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king’s meat, nor with the wine which he drank: therefore he requested of the prince of the eunuchs that he might not defile himself, Now God had brought Daniel into favour and tender love with the prince of the eunuchs*_. (Daniel 1:8-9). 
¶ Discover yourself: Good leadership is not so difficult to achieve. Remember, _no matter how little what you are doing is, your audience, employee or your location, in as much you are creating values, you are a leader”_. 
Why do you need to discover yourself?: _Because the measure of your happiness and success in life is largely dependent on the impact of your personality. Furthermore, the more knowledge you have of yourself, the more Understanding you will have of your relationship._
What is your life mission, your amazing capabilities, your inner genius and your true passion? Everyone has it. Discover it and come out of your comfort zone today.! 
¶¶ BE LED BY GOD: The first step to winning is accepting the supremacy of God. His word which is able to direct, teach and control our daily living is the manual for living. Anyone without this understanding is only existence and not Living.  
A leader that will flourish in any field is the one who will allow God to lead him to make lasting impact in this world. 
¶¶¶ LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES:John C Maxwell wrote in his book  Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Learn that life is difficult. But here’s the good news : many of the things you desire to do in life are attainable if you are willing to face reality, know your standing place, count the cost of your goal and put in the work. Don’t let your real situation discourage you. Everyone who got where they are, started where they were.
Learn from your mistakes and keep moving. 
¶¶¶¶ *BE READY TO LEARN: Learning is never ending. When you stop learning you stop living. Be ready to take corrections, seek people’s opinion and act on the good ones. Read books and add value to yourself. 
In conclusion,  leading yourself is the first key to unlocking the real world. Responsibility is the most important ability a person can possess. 

“If it’s to be, it’s up to me”—(Truett Cathy).
Egbetola Abass Olamide



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The gun below the belly shot me great.

The pain and torture i feel up to date.

With force you invaded my precious Zone.

Took my dignity and left me no hope.

My pride no where to be found forever.

A plague of shame to fight with tears and anger.

This stick, this rod beneath the thigh of man,

curse be you like serpent, Mother Eve and Father Adam.

Be killed like shechem who defiled Dinah.

The thought of love in lust drived you crazy.

So shall you craze till the Lord  is dizzy

Long i kept the pride of muliebrity.

Only to be thwarted by your envy.

Who shall my cry hear for justice to reign.

When shall my forever gone pride regain.

From today does enmity be my song.

By all forms shall i hunt you like hunter’s dog.

Written by Jude 


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I can’t see, on my seat.

Shall i go or still seat.

On a crumble sheet.

My cat tore and flee

Yes my cat caused the shit.

Who is to blame guilty

cat or me, who cant see.

I was busy with my brother’ cart

packing his values to safety land

‘sure it never safety lack.

So i saved his mirror to man.

His reflection man mark

lionize and venerate remark.

Through my exploitive act.

And prolific handicraft.

My brother is lord in the land.

Then where is my mirror?

I remembered for long.

Kept on the tatared dungeon.

Oh! Look at me and my mirror

Broken of all slab block.

I cant see myself at all.

What will man see from all.

My broken mirror.

Broke out of oblivion.

I cant see my reflection.

Let alone man to action.

Oh remiss and derelict action.

I was; a dutiful protection.

And watchdog to observation.

I kept the will and other portion

Only left with my broken mirror

all seem lost, no expectation.

I could have been wise.

Wise to follow time flies.

To protect and reflect. But alas!

All is broken ties.

Left in no savior tides.

To dwell and refines.

Careless or negligence.

Laziness or deliquence.

Which ever in tense.

I reflect no more, no pretence.

No not for a while nonce.

All my good deeds a pitch toss.

Wandering no use for once.

All for no strut truss.

No way open to pronounce.

The broken mirror rewords.

For my reflection to buff gloss.

Written by 

Chinecherem Jude. I am a writer, poet,

Author, activist, communicator, a

teacher, song writer 

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Check the time and hide the sky

It Favour’s you and makes me cry

When you failed to gimme a trial

I tried but no avail.
At night,loneliness is my friend 

Everywhere seems so dark

The sky seems so bright with the little stars

The voice of the cat seem so loud.
My eyes grows wide and dim

There’s no thought to make it deep 

Just to recover from my weakness 

But am far asleep with broken heart.
I grumble to feel the pain

Rumbling downward my abdomen

Behold, I found myself 

On moving gurney
Yet everything seem so weary

To see an average eighties grey hair man

With tedious looks and note in his hand


Is there hope for the living dead?

Walking in the midst of cadavers 

My heart is in great grief

Which gave no space for grievance.
Giving me so much depress 

Making my actions regretful

Through the whole of the week

It beats my heart and makes it weak.
Was brought to the planet 

I stared to the mighty door

Behold, there was a beautiful doll

The one have been thinking of

That makes me so blur .
I feel the regretting in her face

She looks more cadaverous

She stole my gaze and gave my grape.

Written by

Ishola A Bollutech



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I see you seated there,
I stand looking from right here.
I see the sorrows your eyes bear,
The thoughts, my ears hear.
If only you were protected with safety gear,
You wouldn’t have to face this fear.

Tis freedom! Oh Tis freedom!
Freedom from our fearsome liberty.
While wallowing in abject proverty,
Nigeria, we rise to claim back our property!
Where peace grew wings and legs also our prosperity,
And Corruption turned a Prowler.

Mothers weep, children cry.
Fathers seeking to know why.
Families ask, where is the way?
Comfort and joy no longer stays.
Hurts and regrets been clouded the state,
As the unjust made the country a stage.

Heal our lands,
Restore back the lanes
And peace being as lakes.
Heal the center of the pain,
Give us not just lain,
For the land bleeds..

Oh! She bleeds!
Bleeds for Her beloved.
Bring about a change..
Adorn Our land, give it  chance
Revive Her, make her a beautiful theme
Nigeria we hail thee..

#OCT 1 …

Written by Motunrayo Megbodofo
Hilltop Writers Network

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I have learnt a few lessons as a young chap, still growing with utmost desire to learn new things and improve, learning is a necessity. It never stops. One of this lessons is integrity. Integrity simply means doing what you say, act or think in a more positive way; it is the state of being complete that is, when your mind matches your deeds no matter who you are and what you are.

If you have ever seen any successful man, it means he/she understands what it takes to live a life of integrity. It helps others to put their trust in you. Can people trust you with little things?

People with integrity have nothing to hide or fear; they are open minded. My main focus in this note is INTEGRITY, the key to living a life of significance and difference.

Life is full of many ups and downs. Many people have settled for defeat, given chance for indiscipline and lack of focus due to what is happening around them, within them or in the world presently. This has actually drawn men with good dreams off the track; it has turned good families to a mere story. Some lost their jobs and lifetime opportunities due to lack of integrity and belief in self.

Despite all this happenings, we shouldn’t be mediocre in our thinking.  My favorite quote from Abraham Lincoln ‘“`‘Great people are ordinary people with extraordinary amount of determination“`”.  The best you can do is to live the life you are created for. What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. You are simply the best of your kind. You are meant to live life to the fullest.

Simplicity is hard nowadays. Youths tend to live to impress others; they tend to paint a fake picture of what they represent to the world . *”A good name is better than good riches*”

*Why do you need integrity?*

¶It enhances your trust in others – – When people trust you, it opens doors of opportunities and when opportunity comes you are on your way to success.

¶¶The price tag of any leader is integrity (John Maxwell)….. Are you a leader or a follower? Do you aspire to be great in life? Then, integrity is a key factor you need to possess; people with it are pacesetters.

¶¶¶God can trust you with little things – – – When people trust you, definitely God can trust you even with little things. Remember you are His special breed, so he wants you to excel in all things. This will give you an edge over your contemporaries. Even when others are crawling, you will be flying.

*You don’t need to impress others but rather put smiles on God’s face through your actions. This alone brings joy to life* ”ChalcedonyQuotes.

You are needed, until you are different!
To fulfill destiny, find that grace in you to live simple. Don’t fake it to make it, Believe in your source, He cares for you!

© Egbetola Abass Olamide
Hilltop Writers Network.

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A thousand years

I have seen the revelations,
Where the quill never rest
And every mans test
Was put into a book
Each,assigned to an individual
And his deeds were is context

Baffled; words formed thoughts but i could not speak.
A revelations of seven
Angels and trumpets all in sevens,
with plagues commanded by the heavens,
Fell Upon the face of the earth and sea,
This looked evil.

As you age,
Never forget to pray,
Ask for guidance along the way.
Ageing is by grace,
So why waste the day,
In drunkenness and foreplay.
Why overlook the words that say,
“A thousand years is but a minute,
In the sight of the lord”.

Why pleasure in vanity
And belittle eternity
Like it is of no reality.
Why dance to mediocre,
From the praises of hypocrites.

You pursue what is earthly valuable
And neglect what is most tangible,
Leaving yourself miserable
To verdict passed because you are not faithful.

Life after death is of no importance,
No colour, no race
All done,Will be played,
From cry till the day you lay in the grave.
I beseech you therefore
Do not overlook,
The revelations and all it says
Beloved, age with grace
Than been momentary toxic slave.
Written by Oyeleye Oluwatomisin Eshton

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